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OFFICIAL US Website for VT x BTS and VT BT21 Cosmetics

Welcome to the world of VT x BTS and VT BT21 Cosmetics! Popular beauty bloggers, K-Pop fans, and beauty enthusiast alike can’t get enough of the fun, innovative packaging and professional, long-lasting makeup that has come from the k-pop/beauty collaboration. Previously unavailable in the US, we’re so happy to bring these most-wanted K-Beauty collections to the States!

About the Collections

VT x BTS and VT BT21 cosmetics meld art, culture, and beauty into a high-quality makeup collection created for true K-Pop fans. Our VT x BTS collection features chic and sleek makeup packaging while our VT BT21 collection features super cute and fun characters created by the guys from BTS! No matter which collection you choose, all are approved by V, Suga, J-Hop, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, and RM and will help you achieve a youthful look that’ll let you shine anytime, anywhere!


About the BT21 Cartoon Characters

The BT21 characters featured on the VT BT21 makeup packaging were created by the guys of BTS and have their own unique stories. Learn about each character below!

  • Tata is a curious, shapeshifting alien that only sometimes smiles. He was created by V.
  • Chimmy is a passionate puppy that always has his tongue out and wears a yellow hoodie! Created by Jimin.
  • Koya is a sleepy blue koala with ears that fall off when he gets scared or shocked. He was created by RM.
  • Mang wears a horse-faced mask, so his true species is never revealed! He loves to dance has and was created by J-Hope.
  • RJ is a calm and kind white alpaca who wears a red scarf and grey parka when it’s cold. He loves to eat and was created by Jin.
  • Shooky is a mischievous chocolate cookie who is always scared and hates milk. Created by Suga.
  • Cooky is a cute, but tough pink bunny who loves his body “like a temple”. Jungkook created him.
  • Van is Tata’s giant space robot. He is BT21’s protector, and was created by RM to represent BTS’ fandom, A.R.M.Y.