Mariette is a social enterprise founded in 2016, manufacturing and selling natural diffusers, air fresheners, and baby cosmetics. Our mission is ‘to provide shelter to young single mothers’, in two shelter houses in Anyang City, South Korea. 

Mariette welcomes any single mother of a teenager and all expenses of stay are paid by Mariette who doesn't rely on donations. The proceeds from the sale of natural diffusers and Perfume Vita Shower Heads will be used to cover those expenses.

The benefits aren't the only ones. When a single mother who has stayed in the shelter for a long time becomes an adult, she is hired as a full-time employee of Mariette. There is also another opportunity for studying at online college. There is only one condition, 'if a single mother wants it'.

The founder of Mariette is Ms. Yang Cha-min. The death of a new born baby, ‘Kyo-hee’, from a single mom, led her to this point. “Kyohee didn’t even know who her mother was. Then she went to heaven. Her unwed mother's baby must have been taken care by her mother to avoid the avoidable death of her. That’s why she runs a business for young single mothers.”