Farewell to VT x BTS & BT21 Collections as of January 1st, 2023

Dear BTS fans around world;

For several years, we, MyVTxBTS, have received so much love and supports from BTS fans and customers around world.   Thanks to all of our customers, we could enjoy our days and nights, and now became number one BTS cosmetic store in the world.  Many of beauty media including the Cosmopolitan have recognized us the best cosmetic store of all about BTS.  It was all thanks to our customers and we, once again, want to say our appreciation to thousand thousand of our customers from 120 countries in the world.    

As of January 1st, 2023, we will stop selling all of VT x BTS and BT21 collections except Photocards, Posters and Brush Kits.  Since the contract with BTS ended, there was no more new inventory from our manufacturer.   Many of our customers requested us to sell the remained inventory of VT x BTS and BT21 collections, but all of the products have been expired, unfortunately.   Most of them are still safe in use but we have decided not to sell those beloved collections, just in case.   Therefore, we stop selling all of VT x BTS and BT21 collections any longer, even though many of our customers still want to buy them from us.  

For those who want to keep them as VT x BTS collections for long, we're happy to give them out for free.  Please make sure that you should not use them but keep them as collections.   If you purchase any other collections except for VT x BTS and BT21 collections, we will include one of them in your package if you want.  We are introducing new collections from South Korea, all natural, organic, safe and great beauty products from social enterprises and believe you'll love those brands and products as much as VT x BTS and BT21 collections.

Once again, we appreciate your long term support and interest in our store and hope to see you again with our new and great beauty collections from select great brands.   Please feel free to contact us at contact@myvtxbts.com if you have any questions or concerns about your purchased items or how to get a free VT x BTS and BT21 collections.   Many thanks again and wish you, your family and friends have a wonderful holiday season!  

From your MYVTxBTS